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Preparing Lamb to roast in a Dutch Oven

Hi There! I am a cook, author, historian and adventurer. I live in Jamieson, a little town with a population of around 200 people in a valley where two rivers meet, about 3 hours drive north east of Melbourne.

I am married to Jane, and we are rattling around in the house since our three kids grew up and left the nest. Country kids tend to gravitate towards the city. Jane is a community health nurse, I a told the most remote catchment in Victoria, she travels as far afield as Woods Point and Matlock on the Great Divide. For 25 years I have been leading expeditions into remote areas of Outback Australia with my company Diamantina Touring Company . Whilst cooking in remote areas I soon realised that fire produces heat unobtainable in the commercial kitchen, as well as wonderfully slow simmers on embers. Over the years I developed my own style of fire cooking. There is more on that on my website.

I have three books published by Melbourne University Publishing. OUTBACK – Recipes and Stories from the Campfire, OUTBACK Cooking and OCEANS – Recipes and Stories from the Coast.

All my life I have gravitated to wild places. I like mountaineering, skiing, bushwalking and mountain bike riding, and my newly rediscovered passion is blue water yacht racing.

At the helm of Escapade

On this blog I hope to share my adventures and food with you.

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  1. Siu Ling says:

    How about camel korma, Andrew? I still have fond memories of that – along with your chapattis!!!

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