Bob Hart’s Barbecued Corn

Bob Hart's Barbecue Corn

Recipe: Bob Hart’s Barbecued Corn

Summary: Yumalicious easy corn recipe with chipotle and parmesan cheese.


  1. 4 ears of Corn on the cob
  2. 4 Chipotle peppers in Adobo sauce
  3. Best Foods Mayo
  4. Italian parmesan cheese


  1. Ensure your corn is fresh and good. Peel back the husks, remove the fibres from the cob, and tie the husks with twine to form a handle
  2. Now, position each cob over direct heat, as hot as you like, with the hood coming down on the base of the husk. A gas barbecue works well for this, as does a charcoal kettle, of course. Smoke is not essential, for reasons that will soon become clear.
  3. Rotate the cobs slightly every minute or so to ensure they cook evenly which, on a hot grill, they should do in six to eight minutes. They need to be deep golden, with a couple of blackened kernels, but not overcooked.
  4. Make a bowl of chipotle mayonnaise by chopping four chipotle peppers in adobo sauce and adding the chillies, and a couple of teaspoons of the sauce, to two cups of Best Foods bottled mayo. Mix well.
  5. Also, grate some good parmesan (Italian please – and never use pre-grated, ever) or pecorino on a microplane grater (it keeps the cheese gratings much lighter).
  6. To serve, coat the cobs thinly with the chipotle mayo and sprinkle with parmesan. And no, don’t think too hard about it before you have tasted it. Because you are about to be amazed…

Quick Notes

Best’s Mayonnaise is the one that works best (pardon the pun) Tinned Chipotle – buy them, cheaply, in tins from any Mexican food outlet, in Australia through Monterey Foods on-line – Embasa brand is excellent


Use your imagination

Cooking time (duration): 15

Diet type: Vegetarian

Number of servings (yield): 4

Meal type: snack

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